The Value of Line Shopping and Getting the Best Odds

When you go to the store to shop for a loaf of bread, you check prices of other loaves don't you? Or how about the last time you shopped for gas? If there was an Exxon and a Chevron sitting side by side you'd go to the one with the better price per gallon right?

While most online sportsbooks offer the same lines, not all do. Often times a sportsbook like Bovada will offer a unique line that often times gives you extra value when betting the underdog. There's other books out there that do as well, we use Bodog because their a class act and rock solid place to place bets on sports.

Furthermore, even while most lines are the same, prices aren't. If your confused about "prices" we'll give you an example to make sure we're all on the same page. Let's use an NFL game as our example:

  • Dallas Cowboys +4 -110
  • Philadelphia Eagles -4 -110

The game above uses traditional pricing. Now let's look at a game that offers reduced juice wagering:

  • Dallas Cowboys +4 -105
  • Philadelphia Eagles -4 -105

The game listed above costs $5 less to bet. This is called "reduced juice" or "reduced vig" and will save you a ton over the long haul. These odds can be found daily at 5Dimes, which happens to be our favorite sports book on the web and for good reason, it's simply cheaper to bet there!

In summary, one should always use multiple sportsbooks to find the best value for the game your playing. This often times means that you have to have multiple sportsbook accounts, but the few minutes it takes to sign up and fund an account at each is very well worth it as you can see by the above listed examples!

Good luck in your action!



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