NFL Preseason Handicapping

Many weekend handicappers shy away from wagering on the NFL preseason. Their theory is based on the perception that you can't wager on NFL games that are meaningless where second and third stringers will see a lot of the playing time. The truth is that this is the only time in the football season that key information is openly available to handicappers and if you are not betting on preseason football, you are missing out on great opportunity to pad your bankroll before the real football starts. All it takes to profit is a little time spent surfing the net for information.

Below we have listed the key capping information for bettors to get the edge on the bookie.

Coaches Mind Set
Knowing how a coach approaches these games is very important. Some coaches treat these games as glorified practices, while other coaches believe it is important to instill a winning attitude on the team. Teams that have had a coaching change or are coming off of a sub-par season fit the later profile. You can find each coach's lifetime preseason record online right here as we get closer to the games.

Game Plan
Preseason football is the only time that a coach will make his game plan public knowledge. Information such as how much playing time certain players will see is often available from local news sources. An example of this would be the Colts Dungy stating "Manning will play the first series as will the rest of the first string offense. The first string defense will play the first quarter and then we'll start substituting players. Getting a jump on this information will lead to big betting profits. Check out the local online newspaper sites daily for the coach's game plans.

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Team Depth
We know that the second and third stringers will play at least one half per game and in many instances three quarters or more. Having depth at skill positions is a big edge in the preseason games. Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit, Baltimore and Atlanta while not star filled, do have at least two solid options at QB for the NFL preseason.

There will be teams that have an edge in game experience do to the scheduling. For example the Eagles will meet the Cleveland Browns with one game to work out the kinks already under their belt. It can also work to a teams disadvantage if they are coming off a tough game where the starters got a little banged up. Make sure you keep an eye on the local newspapers to get the infirm reports.



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