Keep Records Of All Your Football Wagers

Keeping records of your past bets is a very important variable in sports handicapping. By doing so, this allows you to reflect on what's working for you and what isn't. Let's take a look at an example of how a handicapper may keep records of his past performance:

  • Year to Date: 58-45 +10.2 units
  • Sides: 25-19 +4.10 units
  • Totals: 12-19 -8.90 units
  • Teasers: 10-2 +8 units
  • Parlays 0-5 -5 units
  • Moneylines: 11-0 +12.0 units

By doing so, this will alert you to your strong and weak points. The stats listed above would signify that this particular capper is strong on picking sides, weak on selecting totals, very strong with teasers, horrible with parlays and is very astute at picking winners on moneyline bets.

The smart bettor will parse this information and consider putting a stop to betting on both totals and parlays as it's a weak part of his game. Theoretically, this should help the cappers bankroll as he'll suffer less losses allowing him to retain more profits.

Speaking of keeping records, a somewhat related but unrelated subject is printing confirmation numbers out on bets after you've placed them. Errors can and do happen on the books end so to keep yourself safe from problems it's highly recommended that you at least write down the bet confirmation number if not print it out.

Until next time, good luck with your betting!



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